‘I Lost It All, But I Have God’ : Family That Lost Everything To Tornado Are Grateful To Be Alive

A family who went through the eye of a storm recently are thanking God for miraculously surviving against all odds.


It was a frightening scene outside for Saul Diaz Jr. as he saw death speeding toward him and his family. “I look out the window and I see something different and hear something I had never heard in my life before.

That noise was from a terrible tornado that was hurtling towards them with all fury, he recalls saying, “I will be honest with you. It is the worst thing I ever heard in my life,” Saul Diaz Jr. said.

That was enough to send Diaz and his family into their bedroom to pray to God for protection. They knew their lives were in His hands even though there were slim chances of surviving.

The monster tornado tore off their roof and made them scared for their lives, “The second thing I feel is a 2 by 6 hits me in the back of my head. Boom. And we went to the ground. I tried to react and push my family to the corner,” said Diaz.

The family experienced the protection of God around them even when their roof was snatched away from their heads. “This is God that protects us. In the area we were. It was the power of God.”

They were worried about their two pets Harley and Ivy, while the tornado was moving over them, “At the same time my son grabs one of our dogs. We try to grab the other one but she ran away. It would have been terrible to see us die in a moment we were not expecting. I told God, help us,” Diaz said.

After the storm passed, the family looked for Ivy and found her safe with only a small scratch on her paw. “It is a miracle from God. How this dog went to the kitchen to hide. The house got smashed and destroyed. But she was safe. For me, it is a miracle,” Diaz said.

Their 16-year-old son Saul Diaz Jr. III said: “This happened in seconds. There is no time to react. No time to think. It is confusion, fear and survival mode.”

Although their home has been completely destroyed by the tornado, they are grateful to have breath in their nostrils and family members around. Diaz says, “You as a person can change a lot of lives. Right now I do not have a house. I do not have a car. I do not have tools to work with. No money, no nothing. But I have life, I have God,” Diaz said.

A GoFundMe fund raiser has been organized for them and they are accepting donations through it.

Let us keep the Diaz family and others like them who have lost everything due to the deadly tornado that struck there, in our prayers. Let them experience the peace and protection of God continually all their days.

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