A Handwritten Note In A Balloon Reunited Two Long-Lost Cousins

A balloon helped reconnect two long-lost cousins after a long separation. Michelle Boisseau had written a note and put it into a plastic bag which she attached to a helium balloon.


Boisseau said, “I wanted to see where it would go.” The winds took the balloon from New Athens, Illinois, to the tiny town of Clinton, Kentucky, a total of 170 miles before it landed on the side of a country road.


Tommy Ingrum was busy doing road work in the area when he spotted the silver balloon. He opened the bag and read the note. “Please it you find me let me know where it landed. Call or text,” the note read.


Ingrum sent a text message to Boisseau to let her know he found the note and when they were talking, she told him she had spent summers in Clinton, Kentucky, with her grandparents.

Boisseau said, “I told him my grandparents’ name. He said his mother’s maiden name was Stansfield too,” she said. This made them realize that they were related to each other. “In a million years I never thought this would happen,” she said.


The long lost cousins met up thanks to the note attached to the balloon. “I never knew she existed,” Ingrum said as Boisseau arrived at his home. Their great-grandfathers were brothers, making them second cousins.

Watch the cousins’ reunion story below.


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