‘God Doesn’t Make Mistakes’: Woman Born Without Arms Or Legs Is Motivating Others Today

A heart-wrenching story of a baby born without arms or legs, facing rejection by her own parents, but living out her divine purpose from God, is going to leave you inspired and encouraged today.

Amy Brooks was born with an extremely rare condition called Tetraphocomelia where she did not have arms or legs. Dr Michael Alexander tried to convince Amy’s mother to accept her but she said, no.


Her biological parents abandoned her at the hospital and asked the staff if they could “put her in a room and not feed her.”

Yet God had bigger plans for her. Janet Brooks and her family adopted Amy and brought her up as one of their own. They taught her everything she knows and more importantly never to say I can’t but instead I’ll try.

She is a motivational speaker and an author today and signs autographs with her little arms and even does her own makeup and eats her food without help from anyone. She says she believes “attitude determines altitude.”


She believes that something happens when we stop acting like a victim and start showing up to offer God what we are. She says each and every one of us is born with a holy and divine purpose.

She says, “God doesn’t make mistakes” and that even though she wasn’t meant to be here she is here. She is a joyful, exuberant, and faithful Christian whose vision is to glorify Christ by testifying to the unbeliever of His saving grace and by bringing encouragement to those who already know Him.

What a motivation Amy Brooks is to the whole world, through her never say die attitude and faith in God she is impacting all of us in a powerful way.


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