Boss Pays Off Employee’s Mortgage So He Can Retire Early

A former Vietnam veteran can retire in peace after his boss offered to pay off his mortgage.


69-year-old Albert Brigas, from San Antonio, Texas, received an amazing act of kindness from his boss of over 13 years.

He worked as an auto mechanic under Rudy Quinones since 2006 and was wanting to retire after paying off his mortgage next year.


Brigas said, “I lived in that house for 24 years. In fact, on December 5th it will be 24.” But now he would be able to retire and live in the same house with his wife without a mortgage payment and without having to work because of Quinones. Brogas said, “He cares he cares about his people and what happens.”

Rudy Quinones is the owner of Renown Auto Restoration, he said, “He would come into work every day even when he was sick. Just that level of loyalty the determination you just don’t find anymore.” He was aware of Brigas’ desire to retire and said, “Albert has been grumbling about that for the past year. His ultimate goal was to retire and have his house paid off.”

He called Brigas into his office last month and said that “when an employee has to come to his bosses office there’s always some apprehension for him to come in.”

Renown Auto Restoration Owner Rudy Quinones

Quinones filled out a check for $5000 and paid off his mortgage after Brigas got him the final amount for the mortgage and he went to the bank and paid it off.

Another one of Quinones employees, Joseph Winkler said, “Not enough good news is out there and this is one of those things that I thought needed to be shared, so people know hey there are people out there that do good things for other people.”

Thanks to the generosity of his employer, Brigas has more time to spend with his family. He said, “We brought up my 12-year-old granddaughter and she’s doing great, and now we’ve got a nice little grandson.” Quinones added, “To give them something they’ve been yearning for their whole lives. it’s incredible.”


Quinones amazing act of kindness towards Brigas has enabled him to spend quality time with his family in the same house that is now completely mortgage free.