7-Year-Old Boy Praying For Police Officer Goes Viral

Our country is being torn apart by racial tensions and riots and only prayer can change everything. A heartwarming picture of a 7-year-old Tulsa boy praying for a Tulsa police officer is going viral on Facebook.


The post was shared by Trey Elliott’s mother, Brittany Elliott, on her Facebook page on June 1 which showed Trey praying for a Tulsa Police Officer.

It shows Trey on his knee with his tiny hand placed on the shoulder of the Tulsa police officer who can be seen bending down. Both with their eyes closed in prayer.

“Today Trey (7) asked to pray for officers in the Tulsa Police Department,” Brittany posted on Facebook. “So that exactly what he did. This boy laid his little hands on officers to show them that we love and support them.


“If this picture shows you anything, let it be to pray for those around you,” Brittany added.

If pictures can speak louder than words, then this is it. We can pray to God to restore the peace among fellow citizens everywhere in the country and may justice prevail in our land.

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Moussa Boureima

Great !


Very heart warming! True love and respect is out there in bucket fulls! The press just does not want that. We must keep showing the world that all is not lost!

Phyllis Johnson

Such a heart-warming photo! I really needed it!

Diane Amyot

So beautiful. We are all God’s children no matter what our color is and this photo has really renewed my faith in the human spirit. Bless you Trey, and your mom and dad for raising such a thoughtful child.


To have the heart of a cold! Beautiful!


…child…not cold!

Sharon Peeples

Beautiful! Prayer DOES change things. God bless this small child. As the Bible says…”A little child shall lead them.” ~Sharon

Donna Corley

Out of the mouth of babes. God bless this precious child of yours, and continue to guide him in showing others your love, protection, and unity our country so desperately needs. God bless this momma for teaching her son God’s love and how to share it with others.

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