Willie Nelson’s Son Lukas Nelson Pens Moving Song For Israel ‘Broken As It Was’

Lukas Nelson, son of the renowned musician Willie Nelson, has recently released a moving song titled “Broken as It Was,” in response to a tragic event in Israel.

broken as it was lukas nelson

In early October, Israel was rocked by a terrible attack, resulting in numerous casualties and leaving families shattered, profoundly affecting the nation.

Shortly after this heartbreaking incident, Lukas Nelson shared a video of himself performing “Broken as It Was.” The song poignantly expresses the anguish felt in the wake of the attack, with lyrics that vividly portray the desperate search for safety:

Running for their lives
I watched them try
To find a place to hide

In the song, Lukas reflects on how the news of the event impacted him. The images he saw on TV and social media were heart-wrenching, and he empathizes deeply with those who suffered. The song is his way of extending a prayerful hand to those enduring pain.

In the description accompanying his video, Lukas articulates his sentiments: “Suffering is universal, and the killing of innocents is never justified.” His song is a heartfelt plea for empathy and solace, resonating with those grieving and seeking peace.

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