Kind Cashier Helps Little Girl With Special Needs Gets Her Dream ‘Job’

A kindhearted cashier is winning the hearts of people when he let a woman’s young daughter help bag her family’s shopping bags and balance them.

Lisa Teach, of Harrisburg, shared a video to Facebook of her 9-year-old daughter, Lilly, helping Giant Food Store employee Isaac Witte check out the family’s purchases. The footage has gone viral with nearly 60,000 views. The clip shows Witte passing items to Lilly, who expertly bags and balances them.

“I just love it,” Lilly exclaimed of the fun. “I love you.” “You’re the best,” Isaac warmly replied. It shows the pair share a high five when their mission is accomplished.

She says, “My daughter, Lilly, loves to watch the ‘bagging process’ at the grocery store. She likes watching how everything fits into the grocery bags, kind of like the game Tetris. I believe its sort of therapeutic for her in a way,” Teach wrote on Facebook. “She has many dreams, one of them is to work at a grocery store and bag people’s groceries. She also wants to be a doctor and a teacher.”

She clearly appreciates Isaac as she says, “We’ve never met Isaac before, but as he watched Lilly approaching the bagging area, she started to get the first bag ready. Isaac, in a moment I’ll never forget, asked Lilly if she would like to help him and bag the groceries,” she continued.

This story has since won major applause from those both within and beyond the Harrisburg community. Moving forward, Teach said that for the family, Isaac will always be a “hero.”

She goes on to elaborate, “A hero thinks not of themselves, but of others first. They find purpose and meaning in seeing someone else’s need and boldly reaching out to meet it,” she mused. “Isaac did just this for our daughter when he saw that she wanted to help bag groceries. She was beaming the whole time, because she was seen, acknowledged, asked to help, and allowed to offer what she had to get the job done by working together.”

Yesterday afternoon, we had a most memorable experience at the grocery store of all places.

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Posted by Lisa Teach on Monday, February 25, 2019

Isaac agreed saying, “It was a very emotional moment, it just warms my heart to, you know, make this little girl’s dream come true.”

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