Teen With Cerebral Palsy Receives Ultimate Birthday Surprise

It is said that No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

The kindness that Dakota “Bubba” Cadd received from truckers has left him hoping and waiting that they would visit him again in his backyard along Wisconsin Highway 26.

The kind truckers went out of their way to surprise him for his birthday.

Bubba has cerebral palsy and Dandy-Walker syndrome, which is a congenital brain malformation.

His mother Peggy noticed one day someone had thrown a bag over the fence of their house and when she opened the bag, there was a semi-truck toy in it for Bubba.

Peggy shared about this kind act on Facebook and now that the post has gone viral, other truck drivers who’ve heard about Bubba have come out in support of him.

Recently on Bubba’s 16th birthday, hundreds of trucks and thousands of people came out to celebrate it.