Kindhearted FedEx Delivery Driver Sanitizes Package To Keep An 11-Year-Old Girl Safe From COVID-19 After Noticing Family’s Sign

A FedEx delivery man is being hailed for his heartwarming act after he was caught on camera sanitizing a family’s package after seeing a sign on their door warning that a child with an autoimmune disorder lives there.

Justin Bradshaw

Carrie Blasi, 49, from Boca Raton, Florida, posted the sign for her 11-year-old daughter Emma, who has Type 1 diabetes which puts her at a higher risk if she gets sick with the coronavirus.

FedEx driver Justin Bradshaw, 28, was delivering a package to their home when he saw the note on the door, and instead of just leaving the box, he decided to clean it and write a message assuring the family that it was sanitized.


Security footage showed the delivery man in the act after seeing the sign taped to the family’s door. ‘STOP — Someone in this house has an autoimmune disorder,’ the sign reads. ‘Those who are immunocompromised are more likely to contract coronavirus (COVID-19) and experience life-threatening complications.

‘Due to the widespread outbreak of this virus we are using an abundance of caution through practicing self-isolation and social distancing. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please leave packages/deliveries on the doorstep.’


It was this message that made Bradshaw walk back to his delivery truck and grabs a paper towel and sanitizer to clean the package for the family. ‘I sanitized [your] box once I’ve seen the note on [your] door,’ he wrote on the box. ‘Stay safe,’ he added with a smiley face.

Carrie Blasi and her 11-year-old daughter Emma.

Blasi was so touched that she shared Bradshaw’s note on Twitter. ‘We have a sign on our door for packages/mail as our 11-year-old daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic,’ she explained. ‘Our Federal Express delivery guy wrote this on our box “I sanitized your box once I’ve seen the note on your door” — and you can tell that he used sanitizer wipes on the box. Amazing!!’


Bradshaw said he is aware about the precautions because he knows what it’s like to have a high-risk child as his 1-year-old daughter Nova was born at 28 weeks, weighing just 1 pound, 11 ounces.


‘I keep gloves, wipes, and masks in my truck and an extra set of clothing to change into before going inside my house after work,’ he said. ‘When I come home, I take a 15-minute shower before greeting my family.’

Blasi, was shocked that Bradshaw took the time to sanitize the box before leaving it at her doorstep. ‘Who does that? He went above and beyond,’ she said.


Blasi and Bradshaw connected online and she was able to express her gratitude to him with a Twitter hashtag #BeLikeJustin. The two met virtually via video chat last week, and the footage was shared on the internet and both Blasi and her daughter thanked him for his act of kindness.


‘From my family’s heart, we just thank you so much,’ Blasi said, while Emma added: ‘I really appreciate what you did for us.’ Bradshaw was joined by his wife Tasmin and their daughter Nova, said cleaning the box for the family was a small way for him to help amid the coronavirus pandemic. ‘I feel like we should all do something to better the situation right now,’ he said.

Watch: FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package To Keep An 11-Year-Old Girl Safe From Coronavirus

What a heartwarming act of kindness by this FedEx delivery driver who went out of his way to help a child with an autoimmune disorder from life-threatening complications due to COVID-19.


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