Young Boy With No Legs Runs On Blades With A Big Smile

Cody McCasland is a huge inspiration for all those who are struggling with their disabilities. The boy was born without legs but after doctors gave him carbon-fiber-reinforced blades, it seemed like he got a new lease of life.

Cody McCasland

Cody now participates in races, runs around his neighborhood, and even races with his doctor during his appointments. The hospital did not charge the family a dime for the expensive prosthetics, but the family is trying to pay it back by using Cody’s story to promote their services.


The youngster’s videos have inspired another hero like him, a war veteran who lost his legs while serving in the military in Afghanistan. The veteran was losing hope, but when he saw videos of Cody giggling and running with his blades, his girlfriend and him got in touch with Cody.

Cody McCasland Marathon

This is such a story of hope and courage coming from a little boy without legs, he manages to smile and get through with his prosthetics and his never give-up attitude.

Watch : Inspirational story of Cody McCasland


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