Police Officer Shows Kindness To Speeding Woman Instead Of Giving Ticket

A police officer is being praised after he decided not to issue a ticket to a woman speeding on Halloween but helped her in an act of kindness.


Jeanette Porter of Washington County, New York, was out on a diaper-run run on Halloween when she broke traffic rules. “Well, I was speeding, I deserved the ticket,” she said. “You know, ‘It is what it is,’ I totally understand.”

K9 Handler Deputy Dale Quesnel approached her car and spoke to her, “I encountered her speeding,” he said. “I pulled her over and talked with her for a minute to see why she was speeding.”

“I asked her where she was heading to. She told me she was getting diapers for her twin nieces.”

She was out trying to buy diapers for her nieces and knew about a local food bank giving them away and was hurrying to get there before they ran out of stock. On hearing her story he decided to do something to help her out.

Posted by Dale Quesnel on Monday, July 1, 2019

“I just got to thinking she didn’t seem like she could afford a traffic ticket, so I didn’t think she could afford diapers either,” he explained.

He then took her to the store and offered to buy the diapers, “Why don’t you stop at the dollar store and why don’t you let me buy them some diapers?” he said, to a shocked Porter.

She accepted his offer and let him buy supplies for her family. “Deputy Dale showed me so much compassion,” Porter said. “Not only did he not give me a speeding ticket — which I definitely deserved — but he spent his own money to buy diapers and wipes for my nieces.”

“Thank you for being so nice and generous, and compassionate,” she added in a later message. “It just shocked me. I just couldn’t believe that a cop would go above and beyond.”

Quesnel is known to be ‘soft’ with whoever he meets, “I guess I’m a soft cop, I don’t know … I like to help people out,” he said, chuckling. “I’ll help her or anybody.” He adds, “I’m not rich, I live like just about everybody else, but I like to help people.”


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