Couple Who Lost House In Wildfire Get Engaged On Steps Of Ruined Home

The unfortunate California “Camp Fire” of 2018 has been the most devastating fire in the state and wrecked scores of human lives and vast pieces of property as well.

But it was a bitter-sweet experience for one couple, who found love amid this huge tragedy.

Lukas Schnoor and Cassie Oxley had met 8 months ago and fell in love, and started living together in a modest 1,000 square foot home which was at one point of time, Schnoor’s “bachelor pad.”

They have been through so much together, and even lost their home in the California wildfires, that was when Schnoor decided it was time to tell his girlfriend just how much she means to him.

So in a cute video, 27-year-old Schnoor gets down on one knee and proposed to her, sharing the post to Facebook he wrote, “Today I kept a special promise and asked my best friend to marry me. “

“Her ring is three stones for past, present, and future,” Schnoor wrote. “I asked her to marry me at the top step I waited to walk up every day to see her once more.” He wrote, “Here is to another step in building our future together,” he went on. “Cassie Oxley, I love you.” Is there anything sweeter than this?

Cassie was overwhelmed by this sweet gesture and said, “It meant more, I think, just because of what we’d already gone through,” Cassie added, “I couldn’t imagine a day without him anymore.”

Congratulations to you both, and many more happier years together.

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