Couple Married 70 Years Have Heartwarming Reunion After Being Separated Due To COVID-19

A couple who was married for 70 years had a happy reunion after being kept apart for months by restrictions due to coronavirus.

couple reunion coronavirus

91-year-old Walter Willard and 89-year-old Jean Willard were reunited and the sweet couple showered each other with kisses.

Last year, Jean had fallen and broken her pelvis and also showed signs of dementia, and that caused one of Jean’s daughters to move her into a geriatric center near her and Walter’s house.

It was convenient for Walter to go and visit his sweetheart every day. “My dad would go over there every day and spend most of every day,” daughter Wendy Willard said. “In the beginning, he was there all day from the morning until night when she went to bed. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the nursing home had to impose restrictions against visiting to prevent the spread of the virus, which can be especially deadly for senior residents.”

As soon as Walter was stopped from seeing his wife, his health took a turn. “He went downhill so quickly when he couldn’t see her,” Wendy Willard said.

His daughters decided to do all they could to reunite their parents and Wendy ended up writing a letter to the director of the geriatric center where Jean was to see if her dad could move into the facility. With all the safety restrictions in place, the director knew that he wanted to help the married couple reunite.


“I told him what we were afraid of. We’re afraid we’re going to lose one of them and they’re never going to have seen each other again. And I asked, ‘Is there anything you can do? We’re willing to take the risk. My dad is willing to take the risk,’” Wendy said. “He immediately called me and said absolutely we want to do this for you!”

At last Jean and Walter were together again and had such a heartwarming reunion, the pair are sharing a room at the nursing home enjoying being reunited again.


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