Generous Customer Gives Away Son’s Car To McDonald’s Worker After Her’s Was Written Off

It was getting hard for McDonald’s Kansas employee Vicki Anderson to get to work everyday as her car kept breaking down till it was eventually written off and she could not afford a replacement.

The 53-year-old lady had no option left but to start looking for a new vehicle, till one day, one of her regular customers, Chris Ellis, came through the McDonald’s drive thru, and she asked him if he knew of any cheap cars for sale, and he replied that he would help her look.

After a few days, Ellis Surprised her with his son, Josh’s old 2009 Pontiac G6, completely free of charge, to her astonishment.
Anderson was overwhelmed by this kind act by Ellis and his son and told them, ‘God bless you, and you too.’ To which Ellis replied, ‘You’re welcome. You’re a blessing to me – you make me smile every time I come through here.’


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