Dad Holding Daughter’s Hand After She Gives Birth Goes Viral

A new grandfather has warmed hearts across the internet with a viral video showing him holding his daughter’s hand in the hospital after she gave birth.

dad holding daughters hand

The daughter, Deborah Gilbert, shared her feelings about this moment. “He was like tapping my hand,” she said. “He wasn’t really saying anything, but he kind of wanted some assurance. It made me feel looked after.” Amid the excitement surrounding the new baby, Deborah felt a special sense of care from her father’s gesture.

Describing the scene, Deborah said, “My dad was just sitting beside me, holding my hand. I looked over to my husband holding his daughter, then to my dad holding me. It felt like a full circle moment.”

This video serves as a gentle reminder of the quiet, yet profound ways in which parents continue to show their love and support, no matter how grown their children are.

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.Isaiah 66:13

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