Dad Writes Over 600 Uplifting Lunchbox Notes To Ease Daughter’s Anxiety

All daughters look up to their dads as their friend, protector, and guide especially when they feel fearful and anxious.

One dad has found a precious way of connecting with his daughter by writing notes and sticking them in her lunch box as pearls of wisdom.

dad lunch notes

‘I was pretty distant from him and stuff. Now, I’m closer to him, and I can really bond with him a lot more,’ his daughter, Addison, shared.

Dad’s notes direct from his heart is such a blessing for his daughter Addison. These notes should be treasured for herself and her loved ones in the future.

This beautiful gesture by Addison’s dad is making our hearts melt, especially the words “your example carries more weight than your opinion.”

Way to go dad! Your precious words to your daughter are going to carry her through life with confidence and wisdom.

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