Dad Wrestles Alligator At Kids’ Birthday Party After It Attacked Handler

A Utah family was enjoying a child’s birthday party at a local reptile facility when things spiraled out of control in a few minutes.

dad saves alligator handler video

An alligator suddenly got aggressive with its handler and snapped onto her gloved hand which took her by surprise.

The animal trainer then climbed into the alligator cage to get better leverage and free herself but it started doing the death roll and started pulling her underwater.

Meanwhile, the children were still looking on from outside the enclosure, before their parents whisked them away.

It was then when a brave dad leaped in to come to the rescue and with guidance from the handler, he got on the alligator back like he knew just what to do.

The man was definitely spiritually protected and prepared for this and was placed by God there at that exact moment for a reason.

We praise God for the strength and courage He gave that brave bystander who could have chosen not to interfere but instead jumped in to wrestle with the alligator to save the woman’s life.


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