NFL Quarterback Dak Prescott Inspires With Faith In God During Injury: ‘Excited For God’s Plan’

Being a professional footballer, you are prone to getting hurt and injuring yourself and during a Dallas Cowboy game against the New York Giants, Dak Prescott also hurt himself, but through the pain, he is praising God and inspiring thousands.


Dak Prescott dislocated and fractured his ankle, which meant he could not participate in the 2020 playoffs. People have been showing support for the quarterback and Dak has responded that he feels the support and is grateful. Even his neighbors put up a fanciful sign in his front yard that read, “Get well soon. Your Neighbors.”

Another player, Alex Smith, with a similar injury to Dak’s, gave him some support, and players from other teams reached out on social media as well. Patrick McHolmes tweeted, “Big Prayers up man @dak !!!!” Richard Shermen also shared “Prayers up to @dak. Fast healing brother.”

Dak is sharing his faith with all his fans and supporters with a post on social media:

“I’m in great spirits. Ima stay that way. I’m lookin’ forward to this football season, seein’ the game from a different perspective. And supporting my teammates and those in the league who need it. Um, and just excited, excited for God’s purpose and God’s plan. I know it’s bigger than anything I see or could imagine. I’m trusting Him, my faith is double-downed more than ever. And I’m thankful that He’s my savior and that He guides me in life. I know through Him, all this will be possible and all this will be a great comeback and a great story so once again, thank you for your support. Thank you for your love.”

What a wonderful inspiration Dak Prescott is and we pray that his ankle recovers completely from his injury and he would be back in great form.

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