Good Samaritans Help Save Trapped Driver In Terrible Car Accident

An incredible moment of bravery when rank strangers helped to rescue a trapped driver is going viral. The incident was brought to light when a news helicopter flying over Oak Brook, Illinois captured the moment on film.


A driver on the highway blew his tire which caused his truck to flip over, and land upside down with the victim trapped inside. Soon other drivers stopped by and helped the terrified man. All together 14 Good Samaritans including an off-duty firefighter, helped to lift the truck onto it’s side and cut the driver out of his seat belt.

They helped the man escape serious injury and after recovering, he was very grateful to them and thanked the firefighter in person, because if not for them, the it would have been a different result for him.

Incidents like these help to reinforce the fact that there is still good in the world and we can still trust people.

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