Nuns Break Into A Jig To Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’

A group of nuns are becoming an internet sensation after breaking out in a dance to Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You.’


Nuns are known to lead a quiet and pious life, but a group of sisters who came together for a time of fellowship in the Lord, broke into an impromptu dance to the iconic song.

Everything was going hunky dory till someone turned on the stereo, and the familiar beat of ‘We Will Rock You’ filled the room. One of the nuns seated at a table started banging along in tune with the beat which became infectious and almost everyone at other tables joined in.

The camera pans the room and shows sisters dancing in the front, a surprising moment was when one of the nuns broke into an air guitar solo which was totally unimaginable for most of us who think of nuns as stern women devoted to the Lord.


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