An Entire Town Surprises a Deaf Man In The Most AMAZING Way!

Can you think about a situation when no one can understand your language and vice versa. It’s the situation of most of the deaf people. They wanted to communicate with the people around them. However, most of us doesn’t know their language. Muharrem, an young deaf man was facing the same situation for years. However, the Samsung Electronics company gave him a surprise of a lifetime. For this, they gave one-month training for the neighborhood and every actor learned the sign language. Everything set ready including camera crew actors and the media team waiting for Muharrem. He was on his daily walk-out with his sister Ozlem. Then the surprise started happening one by one. First one from a stranger wishing Muharrem a good morning, then from shop-keeper and he found more people realizing and communicating with him using sign language. Finally the team revealed the secret behind the surprise and it moved him to tears. The Samsung electronics planned this experiment to spread the message ‘A world without barriers is our dream’ and it turned to something we never forget!

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