Dennis Quaid Sings Classic Christian Hymn ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’

Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid sings soulful rendition of the beloved hymn ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’ on his gospel album ‘Fallen.’

dennis quaid what a friend we have in jesus

Quaid, usually private about his personal beliefs, chose music as a platform to express his faith. The hymn, a cornerstone of Christian music, resonates with its message of comfort and Christ’s enduring presence.

In a revealing video, Quaid opened up about his spiritual journey, detailing his exploration of various paths before returning to Christianity. He spoke candidly about delving into the Bible alongside other religious texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Koran. This exploration ultimately led him back to the teachings of Jesus, which he found profoundly impactful.

This faith isn’t just about church for Quaid, it’s influencing his career too. He’s been picking roles in movies like “I Can Only Imagine” and “On A Wing And A Prayer” that reflect his beliefs. He admits he’s not perfect, but Jesus’ message gives him hope and keeps him grounded.

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