Emotional Reunion Video Of Dog And Owner After Being Lost In The Rocky Mountains

A viral video of a beloved Golden Doodle and his owner is taking over the internet.

The traumatized one year old dog was thought to be lost forever in the wilderness by it’s owner after falling off their car due to an accident while driving on the Colorado Rocky mountains.

Samantha’s mom was at the wheel driving when they fell off the mountain trail 600 feet down, causing her death while 21 year old college student Samantha suffered injuries to her back and ribs.

Bentley was ejected from the car and fell onto the mountains and was there for 19 days wandering around. The dog was dehydrated and had not eaten anything for a long time and its fur was matted.

The family put up posters everywhere asking for information on Bentley, until one day when a man spotted the poster and drove for hours to help search for Bentley.

He spotted way up in the mountains and brought Samantha there to reunite her with Bentley.

You can see Bentley walking hesitantly towards Samantha in the video, and he finally recognized his mom and walked into her arms.

It must be so comforting for Samantha to finally bring Bentley home again with her after the tragic loss of her mother. We are praying for Samantha and the family that God will give them the strength to endure this tough time.

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