Dogs Panic Upon Seeing Their Owner Fell Into A Lake

A dog is not just man’s best friend. It can also be a hero at times. This was demonstrated when two brave dogs, in their panic, immediately jumped into a lake believing they were saving their owner.

dogs rescue owner

John Dunaway is blessed to have two selfless and adorable dogs. During an ordinary trip to the lake, he decided to try out his new rope swing. As he swung and jumped into the water, his dogs mistakenly thought he was in danger.

One of his dogs, clearly anxious, ran back and forth, seemingly uncertain about what to do. Until it decided to jump into the water and quickly swam to where John was, followed closely by his other dog.

John mentioned that Buster, one of his dogs, seemed upset and whined throughout the day, perhaps out of fear of losing its owner. He said these dogs were just very protective of him. It seems the dogs love him deeply, likely a reflection of the affection he showers upon them.

This touching story showcases the unconditional love an animal can offer. We should also love and take care of them, as they are entrusted to us by God.


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