Elderly Woman Shares Powerful Message About Prayer And Limiting God

An inspiring video of an elderly woman offering invaluable teaching on prayer has gone viral on the internet. It was posted by her daughter Jennifer Walker Smith on her Facebook page.


With over 3.5 million views, you will hear this sweet elderly lady saying “We’ve all had the experience some time that seems like God is so far away,” she begins. “And maybe he’s not listening. Nothing happens. He’s so quiet, and we wonder, ‘Does it matter that I pray?’”

Her words are invaluable, and relatable, as she has a different perspective to offer that is truly eyeopening. She notes it’s “pathetic” to wonder, “Can God take care of this?”

She turns to Psalm 78, a passage which talks about limiting God. “I have written at the top of my Bible, ‘Esther, do not limit God,’” she explains.

“Do you know who he is? Do you know who you’re talking to?” Profound words. And wait until you hear what else she has to say on the matter.

All of us can identify with her teaching as we all sometimes do wonder if God is listening and whether He performed miracles only in the Biblical times and not in our times.

Esther offers us invaluable words, like this “He’s the great giver. And there’s nothing too hard for him. Don’t give up. Keep on knocking. Keep on asking. Keep on praying. He’s listening. He’s listening.”

Amen! The answer is prayer and believing in the Lord Jesus with all our hearts and mind and soul. He will answer our prayers according to His will.

Watch: Elderly Woman Talks About Prayer And Limiting God


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