Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Who Gave Up Fame for Christ Clings to Faith Amidst Stage 4 Cancer Battle

Nicole Weider, an ex-Victoria’s Secret model who left everything behind for Christ, is courageously facing a battle against stage 4 cancer. After her diagnosis, Weider has been openly asking for prayers on social media, sharing her journey of faith and resilience.

ex victoria secret model cancer nicole weider

At 38 years old, Weider encountered a life-altering challenge that she never anticipated. A routine visit to urgent care for what she assumed was a minor infection led to a devastating discovery. “The urgent care doctor told Nicole that the lump near her breast didn’t ‘feel normal’ and immediately requested a full body scan,” a report by CBN News Digital revealed. Within minutes, the diagnosis was clear: cancer had taken hold in her breast, lymph nodes, and liver.

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This news was especially shocking for Nicole, who had been feeling completely healthy. She had undergone two full-blood panels just weeks prior, with both results coming back perfect, and her blood pressure was normal. Considering her age, the diagnosis was highly unusual as breast cancer is more commonly diagnosed in women over the age of 45, with the median age at 62.

Determined to start treatment as quickly as possible, Nicole was admitted to Baylor University Medical Center. Her oncologist devised a plan that included several rounds of chemotherapy, allowing for healing breaks between treatments.

During this tough time, Nicole has been very open about her faith. She said, “I’ve already been public about my faith and being a Christian. And so, when I found out I had cancer, it just felt natural for me to share with people who have been following me… and also like writing about this is very freeing to me and it’s therapeutic.” Her honesty and faith have brought her a lot of support from people who follow her journey.

Nicole has felt a strong sense of God’s love and presence through her diagnosis. She shared, “What’s so interesting about it is, even though I have this diagnosis, I have felt God’s love like never before. Almost like I feel God comforting me in such a big way.” She notices little signs of God’s presence and love in her daily life, which make her feel not alone. “It’s been all these little God things that have happened to me that I’m like, ‘I feel God’s presence throughout this process,'” she explained. “And I’m just seeing God’s love pop up in all these different ways, showing me that I’m not alone.”

Nicole believes there’s a reason for her situation. She trusts God and feels that this challenge is part of a bigger plan. “I know this is happening for a reason. God is with me. I trust Him,” she says with confidence.

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Nicole’s journey of faith began at 23, when she felt compelled to leave her modeling career behind, a decision inspired by a desire to live a life that would make “God proud.” Through her Instagram and Project Inspired, she now aims to inspire young girls, sharing advice on how to navigate their teen years with faith and confidence. Her commitment to this cause has not waned in the face of her diagnosis.

In mid-January, Nicole gratefully acknowledged the disappearance of the largest tumor and expressed thanks for the prayers that have supported her through her chemotherapy treatments.

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Nicole to spread the word about the importance of early cancer detection. Nicole urges women to get checked earlier than doctors usually suggest. She believes that if she had a mammogram sooner, her cancer might have been caught earlier.

Like Nicole, let us cling to our faith in God during every season, especially in times of trouble. When we hold fast to our belief, we can witness God’s work in all aspects of our lives. Trusting Him brings light to our darkest moments.

Joshua 1:9 – “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

WATCH: Nicole Weider Shares About Her Cancer Diagnosis


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