Man Gets Hurt Mowing Lawn, Firefighter Finishes The Job For Him

Firefighters work tirelessly to make sure the community is taken care off, often going above and beyond their call of duty.

When firefighter Dan Grimm, 31, received an emergency call regarding a man who got hurt while mowing a lawn in Cuyago Falls, Ohio, he immediately responded to it.

Although the man received treatment and was much better, Grimm knew his job wasn’t over yet.

He had seen that the elderly man’s injury had caused him to stop mowing the grass, which left one quarter of his lawn uncut.

Grimm went above the call and immediately started the mower and finished the work, he did what he seemed right.

I heard the 911 call come in today for a man who became injured while mowing his lawn. Unfortunate situation, but not…

Posted by Mayor Don Walters on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Grimm said, he thought he should help them mowing their lawn so that he wouldn’t have to get hurt or strain himself out for the rest of the day, and worry about the uncut portions of the lawn.

While he was mowing the lawn, some of the neighbors noticed him, one of them, René Rockwell captured a photo of Grimm in his uniform pushing the mower.

Rockwell was moved by this gesture of Grimm’s, because her dad and brothers had been firefighters as well.

“When I saw the firefighter mowing the grass, I was happy,” Rockewell said. “I was so happy I was witnessing this that I knew I had to take a picture.”

She wanted Grimm’s act of kindness to be recognized and so forwarded the photo to Mayor Don Walters.

“There is so much hate in this world right now, that we need to see more of this. More people helping each other,” Rockwell said.

Mayor Walters posted the photo on Facebook, with a heartwarming caption about Grimm’s service to his community.

He wrote, “Thanks for going above and beyond the line of duty!”

Grimm who was not aware that a simple act of kindness by him would get viral all over the internet says, “It reminded me of my grandparents and my parents and what I would want somebody to do for them,” he said.

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