Elderly Man Dies Four Years After Little Girl’s Hug Saved His Life

A beautiful friendship between a four-year-old girl and an elderly man came to an end when the man passed away recently.

Dan Peterson with Norah Wood

The man from Augusta, Georgia — Dan Peterson should have died in 2016, according to his brother, Jesse, but was given a fresh lease of life as Jesse says, “And some little girl, who was 4 years old, said, ‘Hi, old person,'” Jesse said.

That sweet little girl was Norah Wood who met Dan when he was living in the darkest times of his life. In November of 2016, Dan’s wife had just died and he became depressed, he was out grocery shopping when Norah spotted him.

The footage shows the girl randomly asking the stranger for a hug. “I said, ‘A hug?!’ I said, ‘Absolutely!'” Dan said. Norah got her hug and then asked mom, Tara, to take a picture of her with her new friend.

“And his little lip quivered and he was teared up and it was just sweet,” Tara said.


“And I said, ‘You don’t know. This is the first time for quite a while that I’ve been this happy,'” Dan said.

After Faithpot shared the story, we thought Norah and Dan’s newfound love would fade away, but they continued seeing each other once a week and he there for her kindergarten graduation and she would be there to stroll his garden.


They both shared countless hugs during their friendship. “It was the first thing she did when we walked in,” Tara said. “It was the last thing she did when we left.”

Norah had visited Dan along with her sister Marigold the day before Dan died. He received thousands of letters from around the world and people are now consoling Norah as well. “I think it was just humanity at it’s best: To love and to be loved,” Tara said.


What a selfless and beautiful friendship these two shared, the world definitely needs more Norahs and Dans today like never before.

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Sharon Metro

This reminds me of my late husband’s “friendship” with his beloved granddaughter, the one who came to live with us when only sixteen months old, who stayed until some time after his death in 2013 (she was seven by then). When he died, at the funeral, our granddaughter said: “I lost my best friend!” — which was entirely true. Beautiful story here as well…


What a beautiful, touching story. Just a hug gave this man a new leash on life. What a blessing.

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