Good Samaritan Helps Blind Man Cross Busy Road, Melts Hearts Across Internet

A Good Samaritan came to a blind man’s rescue when no one else did, she put his need in front of her, and that’s why this video is melting the hearts of viewers online.

When a blind man decided to cross the street at a busy intersection, he was stuck and couldn’t move with vehicles on the way. While the man was figuring out how he would cross the street, a lady from a car nearby saw what was happening and jumped right out of her car to help the blind man.

She quickly came to his rescue, grabbed him, and slowly helped him cross through the busy intersection. The man told her where he wanted to go and the lady calmly took him out of harm’s way.

She showed an act of love and did not do it for her own benefit. The blind man would be forever grateful for her act of kindness.

It is at times as such as this we show our true spirit of giving and caring for the needy, that is exactly what Jesus told us to do.

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