Quick-Thinking Second Grader Saves Classmate’s Life

A young student’s quick action and a team effort at a local school saved a child’s life during lunch.

granola bar allergy

At Tallmadge Elementary, a second grader named Trey Lewis noticed his classmate choking on a granola bar. He quickly told the assistant principal, David Ravida, who found the child in distress.

Ravida acted swiftly to clear the food from the student’s throat. Yet, the problem was not fully resolved until school nurse Beth Wyslutsky and medical assistant Patty Kidwell arrived. They spotted signs of an allergic reaction and administered an Epipen, stabilizing the student.

Ravida praised the efforts, saying, “Trey is the biggest hero. He saved that kid’s life by alerting me. Anyone can be a hero—a student, a nurse, a teacher, and a principal. Anybody.”

The school and community recognized Trey, the nurse, and the medical assistant for their prompt actions.

Medical assistant Patty Kidwell highlighted the importance of allergy awareness, “You need to know if someone is allergic to something so everyone can be prepared. It worked out perfectly that day.”

The student who was saved is now doing well, thanks to the readiness and teamwork shown by all involved.

In these moments of unforeseen trials, we see God’s hand in placing the right people at the right time to protect and care for the vulnerable among us.


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