Deputy Notices ‘Help’ Sign on a Window and Knows Something Is Not Right

In a small town in Utah, a deputy’s keen eye and quick thinking led to the rescue of an elderly woman in a dire situation.

The deputy, Khalil Shah, was on a routine check when he spotted a “HELP” sign in a window. This led him to Vicky Dean, an elderly woman facing serious health issues and isolation.

help sign on window

Vicky Dean, wheelchair-bound and battling cancer, had also recently suffered a heart attack. With her cellphone broken, she had no way to call for help. After 12 days of silence, she placed the sign in her window, hoping someone would notice. Deputy Shah’s discovery brought her immense relief.

Dean was critically low on essential medications and food. She needed blood thinners and cancer medications, among others. One particular medication was so crucial that running out of it could lead to another heart attack. Shah didn’t hesitate to assist, lending his phone for Dean to contact the pharmacy and even picking up her groceries and prescriptions himself.

Deputy Khalil Shah
Deputy Khalil Shah

But Shah’s kindness didn’t stop with just providing immediate help. He noticed the heavy snow around Dean’s home and took the initiative to shovel a path from her door, ensuring her safety and mobility. He also took out her trash, further easing her burdens.

Reflecting on his actions, Deputy Shah humbly credited his ability to help to a greater call of duty. “If our Lord can feed the 5,000 off a few loaves of bread and some fish then I was in the position to do what I could.”

Thanks to Deputy Shah’s intervention, Vicky Dean received the help she needed and is now in contact with a friend who can assist her.

God always listens to our cries for help. He watches over us, ensuring we’re never truly alone in our struggles. Remember, even in our darkest moments, God orchestrates our rescue in ways we might not anticipate.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.Psalm 46:1

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