Homeless Man Helps NFL Player Make It To Playoff Game

A homeless man acted as the Good Samaritan and helped Kansas City Chiefs player Jeff Allen who was stranded in the snow, make it to the team’s AFC divisional round playoff game.

Offensive lineman Jeff Allen was badly stuck in the snow and needed help and that’s when homeless man Dave Cochran who was driving by, stopped and offered to help him out. Dave said, “I was driving down (U.S.) 40 Highway and saw a couple cars stuck,” He added, “I pulled one car out before that, then I saw another car stuck and I told my old lady, ‘We have to help him.'”

Cochran, is homeless and lives in his truck with his girlfriend and small dog, and was clueless who was in the car that was badly stranded in the snow. Cochran said that Allen’s car had a Texas plate which meant he was from Texas and that he was not used to this cold weather. With thousands of fans flocking to Arrowhead Stadium, Allen had to be there at any cost before the game began.

Cochran said, “(I) just pulled over,” and added, “I went to help him, then he told me he was a Chiefs player. I didn’t know he was a Chiefs player. I looked at him as a normal person and hoped he would do the same for me like I did for him.”

Although Cochran was homeless, it did not make him into a better person, but with this act of kindness it proved that he still was a kind and helpful man.

After the game was over, Allen decided to track down the kind man who helped him make it to the game and posted on his social media accounts that he wanted to track Cochran and give him a small token of appreciation.

Allen wrote, “My car got stuck in the snow before the game & a nice guy named Dave help pull me out without knowing I was a player,” he tweeted. “I want to give him tickets to the AFC championship game for helping but don’t have a way to contact him. He drove a 97 or 98 Black Suburban. Pls RT #ChiefsKingdom”

It wasn’t long before long for Allen’s plea to get answered and he was able to track down Cochran and repay him for his kind act towards him in a crucial situation.

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