Two Singers Perform Worship Cover Of ‘I Speak Jesus’ By Charity Gayle

Hillside Recording presents a beautiful rendition of the song ‘I Speak Jesus’ by Charity Gayle.


‘I Speak Jesus’ from Charity Gayle’s Endless Praise reminds us of the power that is available to us in the name of Jesus. Gayle is a Christian artist, songwriter, and seasoned worship leader.

The words of the song ‘I speak Jesus’ was written by Raina Pratt, Kristen Dutton, Charity Gayle, Jesse Reeves, Dustin Smith, Carlene Prince & Abby Benton.

It was a part of Charity Gayle’s new album ‘Endless Praise’ released on September 10, 2021.

I just wanna speak the name of Jesus
Over every heart and every mind
‘Cause I know there is peace within Your presence
I speak Jesus

I just wanna speak the name of Jesus
‘Til every dark addiction starts to break
Declaring there is hope and there is freedom
I speak Jesus

Today as we listen to Dana Miller and Eliza King collaborating on this powerful worship song, we are blessed to know that whatever we face today, there is hope in the name of Jesus.


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