Alcoholic Man Finds Salvation In Christ After Divine Encounter

One man’s bitterness and anger against God after his saint-like mother died, was completely washed away after a visit to heaven and hell.

Jeff Colter prayed to accept Christ as his savior as a young boy, but when his mother died due to cancer when he was aged 22, everything changed.


Trying to fill the void

He started getting busier with his work as a young police officer and also began drinking heavily to try and fill the emptiness in his life. One day he heard a voice telling him, “You can’t serve two masters, and he answered saying he will not serve God.”

He met and married Suzie and was in a bitter battle with chronic depression caused by his addiction to alcohol. he used to binge drink and used to keep a bottle of Tequila in the freezer so he wouldn’t have to waste time with a shot glass. He said one time he drank so much that he blacked out at the back of his house and didn’t know where he was when he woke up.

Suzie was very scared for his safety and never wanted him to be in an accident when he was drunk, and didn’t want him to be someplace where he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself after he passed out. She kept praying for him and knew he could be a better person.

On April 27th, 2014, everything changed when he was on the way to his favorite fishing hole, he approached a blind hole, in a blink of an eye he recalled a driver coming into his lane and he heard the sound of a bomb blast and the airbags going off. He blacked out and heard the car sliding, he was airlifted to a hospital in Cincinnati where he had many surgeries.


But he says he will never forget what he saw after he passed out in Suzie’s arms in the hospital, he began to see images of demons and sounds of growling, and laughter and he was told later that his heart had stopped beating and his respiration also had stopped. He felt his soul leave his body, he remembered seeing darkness and fog on the ceiling and on the floor.

He remembered going to a place with a black void and he cried to Jesus Christ there and then he remembers seeing a vision of his mother. It was a younger version of her and she was right in his face, and she looked him in his eye and was washing her arm. He says he thinks that from a believer’s point of view it symbolizes cleaning up your act. After that he remembers coming back to his body and woke up in recovery.


After he went home, the first thing he did was to surf the TV channels for a Christian television to hear the word of God and to repent for all his sins. He rededicated his life to Christ and quit drinking, he began reading the Bible and praying again, he stopped blaming God for his mother’s death and blamed the cancer that took her life. He made good his relationship with God by counseling and attending church and thanks the brothers and sisters in church for helping him to improve his relationship with God.

His wife Suzie says that God can definitely redeem and saves and her husband is proof of that. She is proud of her husband and the changes that he has made and knew that he is the man she wanted to be married to forever. After retiring from the police, Jeff and Suzie have started JNS ministries and plan to open a fishing lodge, a facility to minister to young people.


Jeff says that God is only a prayer away and to never think that you are worthless because if God could save a wretch like him then he can save anybody. He counsels everyone saying that as eternal beings if we have to choose a permanent home then better chose heaven as your eternal home.


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