Christian Comedian John Crist Will Make You Smile With His Honest Wedding Thoughts

Internet sensation and Christian comedian, John Crist and friend Trey Kennedy shares a new video about his thoughts during a wedding.

John Crist is seen discussing wedding stereotypes with Trey Kennedy and another friend at a church wedding.

Crist is the son of a preacher, but entertains users with his amazing wit. In this video too, there may be a little exaggeration but in the end it does make sense.

John and Trey are two comedians with a great sense of humor and these two have created viral videos together which have gone viral on the internet.

Christian Comedian John Crist

As they sit on a mock wedding pew bench during a mock ceremony, they share some honest wedding thoughts like “Did you see her registry included a bread maker? We all know she can’t cook.”

More power to John Crist and Trey Kennedy and hope they do some more interesting comedy skits in the future as well.

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