Young Man Goes To Heaven And Hell After Flu Infection Led To Complications

We hear many stories of people visiting heaven or hell but an account of a 25-year-old young man who was taken to both heaven and hell will make you get the chills today.

Josh Miles

Josh Miles had the flu which led to a heart attack, stroke, and seizures and ended with his soul leaving his body and going to hell and heaven.

He didn’t take his sickness seriously and went back to work with a 106 degrees temperature and even didn’t heed to his dad who told him to go home. He finished his shift and went home with a 102-degree temperature the whole night.

The next day, the Lord told Willie Miles, Josh’s dad, to take his son to a specific hospital, and on the way to the emergency room, Willie saw his son a little edgy inside the car.

That’s when he remembered seeing his son being tormented, “[Josh] was straining. He was speaking out of a voice. He says ‘I’m gonna kill you’ And I realized it was demonic forces trying to take his life,” he recalled.


Willie was afraid, but the Holy Ghost whispered and encouraged him and he immediately laid hands on his son while in tears, rebuking Satan, then Josh passed out. He wasn’t sure if his son was still alive but the Lord told him to continue prophesying into his son’s life.

Josh has no idea about what happened after his attack inside the car, he doesn’t remember his dad praying for him, but he knows one thing very well- where his soul went.

Josh Miles Goes To Hell


Josh’s soul left his body and felt he was falling in a sunken place and realized that he went straight to hell. Josh Miles also remembered floating in the air and looking down on his dad. “I felt like an eagle…it was something unbelievable,” he said.

When Josh landed in hell, he said it was nothing like how the movies, books, and other stuff show it to be. “It’s hot but there’s no fire. It’s very hot, it’s like molten rocks… like thousands of degrees glowing,” he recounted. “The ground is thousands of degrees but your feet aren’t burning. You’re very hot but you’re not passed out,” described Josh.

Further, he added, “Everything about the hell you can imagine is everything bad you can imagine in life, is what hell is. You can’t breathe. You can’t talk. You’re in torment and screaming. It’s not fire but it’s very hot. You can’t seem to grasp the concept of real life. Because it’s all of your worst thoughts and your worst experiences [for eternity].”

“Take the deepest hurts, deepest things. The worst mistakes and all those things. The devil puts it to like you are thinking about that stuff so much, you are losing your mind for the rest of your life, for eternity, forever,” Josh further pointed out.

“In hell, not only are you hurt from the things you went through, but you’re hurt because now you realize how good God really was to you.” Josh saw a lot of other people who were there in hell too. He heard a lot of screaming, crying, and torment.

Josh Miles Visits Heaven


Now the good part- Josh was soon taken to heaven where the young man believes it was when his dad started really crying out to God. Within a blink of an eye, he came to the throne of God, but it took him longer to reach heaven than hell.

“When I first get there, I can’t explain to you how satisfying that is. When you’re standing in the presence of God, think of the best thing you can do and accomplish right now in your life. Your biggest dreams, goals mean nothing compared to when you stand in the presence of God,” recounted Josh.

He again said that heaven was nothing like movies and books portray it to be, it is only the Bible that accurately describes it. “It is the purest most natural light you ever want to see. It is bright, there’s not a grain inside,” he said. Also, Josh said you can see no shadow in that pure light.

He said God’s presence was so strong that it felt like soft thunder and he said the throne of God was a place of reverence. “You literally just want to serve Him. That’s all you wanna do,” he said.

He also saw animals that looked weird in appearance in God’s throne, he says he never knew that they were described in the Bible, but there were indeed creatures mentioned in the Scripture.

When he reached the hospital, doctors found he had, had a heart attack, stroke, and seizures. And when Josh woke up that’s when he realized he encountered hell and heaven and shared the encounter with his dad.

Brothers and sisters, it is true that there is a heaven and a hell, and each one of us will be sent to either of these places based on our salvation and whether we have lived our life in accordance to the word of God.

Watch: 25-Year-Old Josh Miles Shares Testimony After Visiting Heaven And Hell


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