Kelsey Grammer Fights Back Tears As He Remembers His Late ‘Frasier’ Costar

Kelsey Grammer, known for his role in Frasier, recently shared an emotional memory of John Mahoney on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Mahoney, who played the role of Martin Crane, father to Frasier and Niles, passed away in 2018. His death deeply affected Grammer and the fans of the show.

Kelsey Grammer talking about John Mahoney
Kelsey Grammer remembers John Mahoney

During the show, Kelly Clarkson mentioned the recent *Frasier* reboot and how it beautifully pays tribute to Mahoney. This mention moved Grammer to tears. He recalled, “Mahoney’s bar, yeah. The baby’s name is John.” Looking at a picture of Mahoney and himself, Grammer expressed his love and how much he misses him. “Aww, I loved him,” he said. “But yeah, John died a few years back, and I just thought, ‘Well, we can’t do the show without honoring John. We just can’t.'”

This moment on television was a powerful reminder of the strong bond between Grammer and Mahoney. Beyond their work together, Mahoney had a significant personal impact on Grammer. Mahoney was like a father figure to him, especially after Grammer’s own father was tragically murdered when he was a teenager. Mahoney supported Grammer through tough times, including driving him to rehab, showing the depth of their relationship.

The conversation then shifted to the *Frasier* reboot. While discussing the new setting in Boston, Clarkson inquired if any characters from *Cheers*, the show from which *Frasier* was spun off, would appear. Grammer mentioned he’d like to see at least one character from *Cheers* return, sparking interest in what the reboot will bring.

The reboot’s efforts to honor Mahoney have been well received. Naming a bar after him and a baby John in the series are ways the show remembers him. Fans also noticed a potential tribute to Moose, the dog who played Eddie, suggesting the reboot is keen on honoring all aspects of the original series.


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