Five Brothers Gives Bride An Emotional Surprise In The Absence Of Their Dad

Every bride waits for the day when she will get married and he father will give her away, but for this bride who lost her father three years ago, her brothers made her feel her father’s presence somewhat.

Kaley Young’s father passed away from heart disease three years ago, but 3 months before her wedding, her brother Kevin knew that their dad would be missed for the custom father-daughter dance, so he decided to come up with a plan to make it up.

Kevin and his four brothers decided to dance with Kaley at the wedding, to the song “Fathers & Daughters” by Michael Bolton, and it would be interspersed with old audio clips and home videos of their dad and Kaley.

The day of the wedding everything went off well and Kaley was very overwhelmed with emotion by the heartfelt surprise from her dear brothers.

“You just could not help but feel touched by what was happening,” Kaley’s brother Dustin said, “Really not a dry eye in the crowd.”

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