Helped By a Stranger On a Difficult Day, She Unknowingly Returns The Favor Years Later

After TunDe Hector’s car ran out of fuel, she walked to the gas station with only $5 in her pocket. But one man realized she needed help, he picked her up, paid for her gas and gave her all the money in his wallet. But the story didn’t end there. Three years later, she was caring for Judy Wright as a nursing aid. One day, TunDe shared the story of the stranger’s kindness with the family. Surprisingly, Judy’s son Chris revealed, he was that person who helped her on the difficult day. The Wright family believed God had brought Tunde in their lives to care for their ailing mother. When Judy passed away, they decided to do something to help Tunde realize her dream of becoming a nurse. And this is the heartwarming moment, TunDe receives the huge surprise from Chris and praises the Lord for everything.

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