Grandparents-To-Be Can’t Contain Their Joy When They Learn That Both Sons Are Expecting Babies The Same Time

A cute video showing the most crazy reaction by soon-to-be grandparents is taking the internet by storm.

Donna and Robert Thomas can be seen totally amazed to learn their two sons are expecting — at the same time.

“My mother-in-law, she is one of those people you just want to tell exciting things to,” Brittney Thomas, who’s married to Donna and Robert’s son Santino, said.

When Santino and Brittney told Santino’s brother they were expecting, Sanino said “he called me back and said … that they were also pregnant.”

So both the siblings on Easter, presented them with a box containing two stockings for the new babies.

“We put the stockings together, side-by-side, in a gift box and wrapped it with Easter-ish wrapping paper for my parents to open as a gift from the four of us,” Santino said.

Donna and Robert were completely blindsided by them.


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