Kind Woman Helps Man With Alzheimer’s Recompose Forgotten Songs

Steve Goodwin was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago. Due to the condition, the 67-year-old was forced to quit his job as a software engineer. But his wife Jonie says, the hardest part about all this is that, Steve can’t remember the songs that he composed on the piano over the years. There was a special bond between those songs and Steve’s life. He wrote more than 24 songs and most of them were composed for his sweetheart Jonie. Unfortunately, Steve never wrote down his compositions. So he lost the treasure followed by Alzheimer’s.

Then one day, a  family friend, Naomi LaViolette offered to help recomposing the songs using the bits and pieces that Steve could still remember. They slowly recovered the songs and recorded every finished piece. And the most incredible thing is that, Steve was able to compose an entirely new song with the help of Naomi.

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