Long-Lost World War II Letter Finds Its Way Home After 80 Years

A letter mailed during World War II has finally been delivered after 80 years. Sent to Mr. and Mrs. Louis George in Dekalb, Illinois, without the state name, it took decades to find its way home.

letter delivered after 80 years

Picture a letter lost for a lifetime. In 1943, someone sent heartfelt words to the Georges, but a simple mistake left the letter wandering.

It was meant to offer comfort after the couple lost a baby. “My grandparents would have found so much comfort in this letter,” their granddaughter shared. The message inside, though delayed, highlights the timeless nature of care and support.

The letter’s discovery, not far from where it was sent, raises questions about its long absence. A former post office worker suggests it might have been misplaced behind a shelf. Such a mundane mishap causing decades of delay makes the story even more intriguing.

Thanks to a post office employee’s detective work on social media, the letter finally reached the Georges’ granddaughter.

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