3 Siblings Sing Chill-Inducing Cover of ‘O Holy Night’

Three siblings have captured the hearts of many with their stunning rendition of the classic Christmas song ‘O Holy Night’.

Life in 3D O Holy Night

‘O Holy Night’ originates as a French poem titled “Minuit, Chrétien, c’est l’heure solennelle” by Placide Cappeau. It was set to music in 1847 by Adolphe Adam. The English version, created by John Sullivan Dwight, is a beloved part of Christmas traditions.

The siblings, known for their engaging covers on their YouTube channel ‘Life in 3D’, continue to spread the joy of Christmas with their exceptional talent.

As these siblings sing the beloved Christmas carol, their harmonious voices fill our hearts with joy. When they hit the high notes, they take our spirits to new heights.

WATCH: Siblings Sing Stunning Cover of ‘O Holy Night’

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