Dancing 5-Year-Old Steals the Show at Preschool Graduation and Leaves Everyone in Stitches

A video of a 5-year-old girl dancing is bringing smiles to thousands across the country with her hilarious moves.

lily graduation dance

Ohio resident Lily loves the spotlight and used her preschool graduation as a platform to shine brighter than any star.

The heartwarming video, recorded by Lily’s grandmother, Martina Blair, shows the spirited little girl dancing alongside her classmates at school in May.

While her classmates manage only a sway, Lily goes all out, shaking every bone in her body!

Her facial expressions alone suggest she’s ready to join Hollywood with her amazing blend of confidence and talent.

Meanwhile, Martina is having a blast behind the camera, giggling and enjoying herself as her bold little granddaughter busts a move to the children’s song “Tooty Ta.”

What a wholesome video to watch and enjoy today, and share with family and friends.

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