Dancing 5-Year-Old Steals The Show At Preschool Graduation And Leaves Everyone In Splits

A video of a dancing 5-year-old girl is putting a smile on thousands across the country with her hilarious moves.

lily graduation dance

Ohio resident Lily loves to be in the spotlight and entertain people and she uses her preschool graduation platform to shine brighter than any star.

The heartwarming video was recorded by Lily’s grandmother, Martina Blair, as the fiesty little girl danced alongside her classmates at school in May.

While her colleagues can only manage a sway, Lily goes all out and is shaking every nine in her body!

Just look at her facial expressions, she seems ready to join Hollywood with her amazing blend of confidence and talent.

Meanwhile, Martina is also having a blast behind the camera giggling and enjoying herself as her bold little granddaughter is busting a move to the children’s song “Tooty Ta.”

What a wholesome video to watch and enjoy today and share with family and relatives.

Preschooler steals the show at graduation with awesome dance moves

How we feel about the weekend: Meet Lily, your Preschool Queen!

Lily loves to sing and dance, and during her preschool graduation ceremony she showed off her amazing dance moves. https://bit.ly/2VfcuVg

Posted by ABC 13 – WSET on Saturday, 11 May 2019


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