11-Year-Old Stitches 500 Blankets And 1,000 Masks For Underprivileged Kids

A young girl is on a mission to bring some joy to kids going through difficult times- one mask and blanket at a time.


Lucy Blaylock, 11-year-old started stitching three years ago when she first made a quilt for a friend’s birthday. After that she asked her mom if they could put together a blanket giveaway for children in need. She posted on social media and received 16 messages from parents of kids battling cancer, autism, bullies, and a move to a new city.

“When I told her it was time to pick, she started crying and said she couldn’t pick just one,” Lucy’s mom Veronica Blaylock said. “She wanted to do one for all of them so we got sewing.” Lucy has since made 500 blankets for kids in 14 countries and all over the United States, spending two hours with her sewing machine for each. Every comfy spread comes with her signature hand-stitched inside a heart.

“It makes me excited when I think of the kids getting the package in the mail and opening it,” Lucy said. “I always hope they’ll know someone cares about them. It feels good to know that I’m helping all these kids feel loved.”


After the pandemic struck, Lucy began stitching masks for health care workers and children and has donated 1,100 masks since March to those asking for a helping hand, including an order for the Ronald McDonald House, her mom said.


“Kindness does matter, it always will,” Lucy said. “It makes the world a better place when we do kind acts. It may get hard sometimes, but what we are doing is making a difference. The Gallatin, Tennessee native received a volunteer service award from President Trump earlier this year as well as the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.


Lucy tells kids interested in volunteering not to “wait until you have everything figured out” and to “just start and keep going. Serving always matters.”

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