College Football Players Shave Heads To Stand By Coach Battling Cancer

College football players wanted to stand in solidarity with coach starting chemo, so they all shaved their heads.


Players from Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas said that their coach never gave up on them and so they too aren’t giving up on him.

A video of the heartwarming moment when they showed Kris Sweet, the team offensive coordinator, their new look is going viral. It shows Sweet sitting in his office as the players walk in one by one with their shaven heads. “This all for you coach,” one player is heard saying.

The coach can then be seen standing up and hugging each of them.

The team was informed during a meeting at the beginning of training season, that Sweet was diagnosed with B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. “I didn’t want this to be a distraction and for everyone to just move on,” Sweet, 46, said. He wanted them to know in case he wasn’t at practice or on the sidelines one day.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) accounts for about 4% of all cancers in the country, according to the American Cancer Society. B-cell lymphomas make up about 85% of all NHL cases in the US.

“He goes to the doctor and then comes to coach,” Malcolm Howard, a freshman said. “He pushes us to be the best we can be.” Sweet started chemotherapy in August. That’s when he started losing his hair.”You would never know this was going on when you see me,” Sweet said. “The only reason you know is cause I’m bald.”


Altogether 16 players joined in to shave their heads, “Seeing him go through this, he never shows that it is getting to him,” Jaylan Beard, a sophomore, said. “We are doing something greater than ourselves by shaving our heads,” Moise Occulis, a sophomore, said.

Sweet said this was the “most touching and emotional thing” that he’d been through.

As we pray and ask the Lord to heal Kris Sweet, we are also thankful for giving him football players like these young ones who are ready to stand by him in thick and thin.