How Animals Would Run If They Were People

Daniel LaBelle is imagining how animals would run if they were people in a creative video shared on his YouTube channel.

man imitating animals Daniel LaBelle

Daniel has such perfect body control that it seems so unreal when he impersonates animals like a deer, cat, dog, squirrel, horse, and more.

His sister Anna is there to lend her support to his act which is garnering millions of views on social media.

Whether it is running fast as a cheetah or moving in slow motion as a sloth, it is not a problem at all for him.

Daniel is so good at maintaining balance while doing these acts especially when he hops for the kangaroo act shows just how flexible the human body is.

His comedy is off the charts as he uses the human body to imagine the various types of animal movements.

No wonder this video of Daniel’s has got millions of views and hundreds of comments. What an amazing way to share his talents with the world and put a smile on people’s faces.