Man Mistakenly Tosses Wedding Rings Into Trash, Good Samaritans Rallies To Find Them In 20 Tons Of Garbage

A man from New Hampshire mistakenly throws away wedding rings, which he found it later with the help of some good Samaritans in 20 tons of garbage.


Kevin Butler, unwittingly, threw away a white trash bag, with a napkin inside. His wife had earlier cleaned their wedding rings and wrapped them up with the napkin to dry them. Several hours later, he returns to the garbage station asking for help to retrieve the rings.

Showing great kindness and understanding, the station supervisor, Dennis Senibaldi along with his crew set out on a mission to rummage through the pile of trash and find the rings. An excavator was called in and piles of trash were scooped out from the trailer.

After five or six scoops, a white trash bag came into their view. Kevin had earlier told Dennis that his white trash bag had celery stalks in it so when they found it, they knew it was the right one. The napkin was then found at the bottom of the bag, underneath some vegetable peelings.

“Literally, I opened up the napkin, there were the two rings,” Senibaldi said. Butler ecstatically jumped up and hugged Senibaldi when they finnaly found the rings.

Kevin was elated to have finally found the rings back witht the help of the crews at the station but says that he would not recommend anybody to go through trash. But for the rings, he was more than willing to go any extent to have them back. “…..I would do it a thousand times over,” he said.

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