Man Who Needed Kidney Waited For 7 Years And A Christmas Miracle Saved His Life

A man from Henrico County, Virginia is giving all praise to God after he received the best Christmas gift of his life.


Seven years of waiting and praying

For seven long years, Darryl Jackson had been praying and patiently waiting on God for a new and healthy kidney. It had been a great tussle for him spiritually as well as physically for that many years.

Even as he continued to hope and put his faith in God to come through for him, undergoing the weekly dialysis sessions, multiple times at that, was beginning to take a toll on him. And the need for a kidney transplant became more desperate during the past year.

In the month of December, Jackson received three calls from the hospital informing him that a kidney was available but unfortunately, after testing, they were not a match for him. But then a miracle happened on Christmas eve of 2022, which changed his life for good.

A match finally

He received a call about a kidney that was available and this time it was a match. The organ came from a 20-year-old who had recently passed away in a car crash.

“I prayed to God and God gave me a gift on his birthday. Can you imagine that? It’s a blessing!”

Jackson is amazed and is endlessly grateful to the donor of the organ which came at a time when he needed it, the most. At the same time, he also acknowledged the prayers of his friends and family that had sustained him for so long.

Jackson’s new mission

Jackson believes that God has given him this opportunity for a purpose greater than himself and his well-being. He says he is now on a mission to raise awareness for others like him, who are praying, hoping, and waiting for the call, like the one which changed his life.

Jackson is on a mission to bring hope to people who are in similar situations as he was, by sharing his story and how God came through him after 7 long years of ups and downs and his own journey of faith. “All you need is a little teenie bit of hope and belief. It’ll happen,” Jackson said.

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