Minister’s Faith Restored After He Answers Prayers Of College Student

Ministers and Pastors are often looked up to by church goers but sometimes they too go through a dry spell in their faith, minister Jerome Jones of the Springfield Baptist Church in Monticello, Georgia, recently went through a crisis of faith.

“I was getting ready to stop coming to church so much as I did,” he said. “I didn’t see God doing anything for me.”

Jerome shared that he was at his day job with the power company when suddenly he saw a note come down from heaven.

He said it was attached to three balloons and said, “God, help me go to college… please help me get everything I need to leave Wednesday.”

It was signed by Mykehia Curry who was about to start her freshman year at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia.

Nobody had ever gone to college in her family, and that was why she sent up that prayer as she was worried and scared.

“Scared because this is my first time being away from home. And worried, as in financially,” she said.

She said her family is not financially well, and that’s why she decided to go to college to become a nurse to so that she could be a good provider and example for her brother, Malik.

She got a student loan, but the money was not enough for things like a fridge for her room or even a comforter for her bed. She needed someone to help her.

Sadly her balloons landed where the poorest preacher in central Georgia lived.

 “I don’t have any money in my savings account,” Jerome said. “I drained it from the taxes on my mom’s house. I said, ‘Now, you see this right,'” he said as he looked upward. “I said it out loud because this is the way I talk to God. We’ve got a way with each other.”

Jerome decided to do something when he found the balloon message, he had only $125 to his name and spent it all on Mykehia.

He bought her a comforter and a mini-fridge, and gave her much needed inspiration.

“It encourages me to keep going knowing that prayers are answered,” Mykehia said.

This heartwarming incident has also had a profound impact on Jerome’s faith and has taught him that answering others prayers leads to our own prayers being answered.

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